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Aba Tree Fellers has a proven track record of over 30 years of experience in the industry, ABA Tree Fellers has become one of the leading tree care specialists in the northern Johannesburg region. Our arboriculture services include a wide variety of tree felling, tree care, tree, & bush pruning, and maintenance as well as stump removal options, catering to commercial and residential clients alike.

At the forefront of our service remains an unwavering emphasis on professional, ethical, reliable, and punctual service delivery that leaves a minimal impact on each site. Our team is highly experienced, skilled, and fully equipped to efficiently complete tough jobs on a tight schedule.

Added to this, we place our client’s needs first and our friendly and expert advice ensures that the perfect solution to any tree maintenance issue is implemented. Our dynamic services ensure that we can assist with any challenge while remaining cost-effective and maintaining the highest levels of quality from start to finish.


30 years experience as a professional urban forester

Large tree removal specialists

No job too big or too small

Competitive pricing

Outstanding safety record

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) compliant

Fully covered by public liability insurance

All teams are owner-supervised

24 hour emergency service

Quality Workmanship

Professional Service

Leading tree care Specialists

Reliable Service

Minimal Site Impact

Friendly and Expert Advice

Highly Experienced Team

Controlled Removal Techniques

ABA Tree Fellers is based in Honedew, Johannesburg and we service all areas in Gauteng.
Contact us for expert advice or an obligation-free quote: or Vic Holtzhausen directly: +27 (0)82 786 3225 or

Tree Felling Services ABA Tree Fellers

ABA Tree Fellers will assess the tree & plan an effective solution for the removal of any size or type of tree.

Stump Removal Services ABA Tree Fellers

Once a tree is felled, the stump may need to be removed to avoid regrowth, contamination problems & rot.

Pruning Services ABA Tree Fellers

Tree & shrub maintenance with proper planning is imperative to ensure the longevity of a healthy garden.

Expert Advice ABA Tree Fellers

Ask our experienced team for advice on all available tree care solutions to best suit your requirements.

Firewood Services ABA Tree Fellers

Ask our experienced team for advice on all hardwood and softwood uses for braaing and heat.



“We have known Vic for many years now. Vic and his team are extremely professionally – a well-oiled machine! From calling Vic, to getting a quote and then to his team doing the job and then the clean up, is seamless and done with complete efficiency. I highly recommend Vic and his team.


“I have used the services of ABA Tree Fellers under the stewardship of Vic Holtzhausen since 2006. Vic and his team have always carried out the tasks of tree felling and trimming efficiently and professionally, never leaving a property without making sure it looked clean and neat.

(…) What I like about Vic is that he is very knowledgeable about trees and always tries to advise not to cut down those endangered and protected species. (…)”


“We reside on a large wooded property and for the past 19 years have only used ABA Tree Fellers for no other company comes close to the old world qualities of: Integrity, Honesty, Efficiency, Safety, Professionalism, Job always completed on time on the date promised.

Not once has ABA Tree Fellers not left our property in a better condition than when they had arrived or not lived up to our exacting expectations.”


“(…) I have used Vic Holtzhausen to trim and cut down trees in mine and my daughters’ gardens for several years and have found him to be most efficient and reliable and I have always been very satisfied with the work that he has done.”


“It is with great pride that I can refer Vic and his tree felling team for any job in any area no matter how tight, high or big. We received great service and a great price. They are quick and very effective. After the tree was removed from our premises in Vereeniging everything was cleaned up and left neat and tidy (…)

We are most definitely going to make use of their service before the end of the year and referred them to many of our friends already.”


“I have used the services of ABA Tree Fellers for the past 10 years. I have found their service impeccable. They help me every year keep my huge Jacarandas in check and have removed several large trees as well.

They arrive on time, work quickly with minimal disruption and are genrally finished cutting, pruning and removing in the day. Highly recommended.”


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