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Stump Removal Services. Once a tree is felled, the remaining tree stump may be unsightly or its invasive roots may have caused damage to surrounding pavements, building foundations, walls, boundary fences, and underground pipes. Removing the stump will also avoid potential regrowth, contamination problems, and rot.

Stump grinding and de-stumping are environmentally friendly processes whereby the stump is ground below surface level to ensure both the stump bole and root system are destroyed to prevent regrowth. The area is then backfilled to leave minimal impact on the site. In certain cases, complete stump and root removal can be offered depending on the size of the stump and the spread of its root system.

Our team of professionals does not use chemicals to remove tree stumps as this is not good for the environment. The tree stump is broken down by a machine and turned into mulch which is good for your garden. The mulch will be used to fill up the hole, leaving the property in a better condition.

We are fully insured, giving you as a homeowner peace of mind.

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