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PRUNING SERVICES Tree maintenance is imperative for any home or business owner and proper care and planning will ensure the longevity of a healthy garden and landscape. Ask our experienced team for advice on the best tree care solution to maximise health, stimulate growth and maintain the aesthetic of each tree or plant according to its species, shape, size, condition, and environment.

A few examples of tree maintenance pruning services include Planned cutting, topping, and trimming to ensure the height and width of a tree are limited to the space available, allowing for the tree to reach maturity without causing damage to its surroundings.

Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches in cases where they are obstructing passing traffic or pedestrians, interfering with electric fencing, or brushing up against walls and surrounding buildings. These branches are cut back either to the stem or outside of the branch collar to allow for natural regrowth to occur.

Crown reduction or thinning involves the removal of selective inner branches at the top of the tree without changing its natural shape. This process is ideal for reducing the density of the tree’s crown, increasing airflow, reducing the risk of fungal infections, and allowing for more sunlight to pass through its canopy.

Careful pruning of selected dead or diseased branches in trees and shrubs also stimulates healthy regrowth and cosmetic branch removal allows for the overall shape and aesthetic to be guided and controlled. Depending on the type of species, pruning should ideally be done during the plant’s dormant season such as in winter or at the beginning of spring.

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