What is Tree Felling?2022-03-25T13:39:21+02:00

Felling is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller. Therefore they are tree fellers felling a tree.

Tree Stump Removal2022-11-25T14:23:32+02:00

Tree Stump Removal. Once a tree has been cut the stump can then be removed from the ground. This involves removing the tree roots as well.


What is Crown Lifting?2022-03-25T13:48:55+02:00

tree crown lifting aba tree fellers honeydewA crown lifting is the trimming or pruning of the lower branches of a tree crown. The aim of this process is to increase light and also enable access under the canopy of the tree Please give us a call for an exact price

What is Crown Reduction?2022-03-25T14:05:50+02:00

crown reduction shaping aba tree fellers roodepoortCrown Reduction Pruning: a method of pruning used to reduce the height of a tree. Branches are cut back to laterals that are at least one-third the diameter of the limb being removed. Please give us a call for an exact price

What is Lopping?2022-03-25T14:05:00+02:00

What is the difference between lopping and pruning? The main differences are as follows: Lopping is the trimming of tree branches to reduce and modify the size of the tree. Pruning helps to protect trees against disease to aid health for long life.
Cut off (a branch, limb, or twig) from the main body of a tree.

The procedure includes cross-cutting the main stem or leaders and leaving behind the rest of the tree. The problem with tree lopping is that it will leave big malformed stubs where the cross-cutting happens and leaves the tree susceptible to a whole spectrum of problems. Lopped trees are susceptible to pest penetration, pathogen intrusion, internal decay, and relentless but weakly jointed re-growth.

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